The Meaning And Role Of Natural Stones And Minerals

Children of God

Minerals Are Also Children Of God With A Role Or Mission

Natural stones, gems, and minerals have their own individuality and each has its own role in life. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, etc., which have been buried in the ground for a long time and crystallized little by little, have their own soul and energy.

Such stones do not speak, walk, or move around, but they must be the children of God with irreplaceable personalities just like us humans, animals, and plants.

I myself was given a natural stone as a gift by a healer friend of my wife’s when we went to Hawaii before, and I started to wear it like a necklace in my life. It is a kind of black stone called “Black Tourmaline,” which has the effect of repelling negative energy, warding off evil spirits, and protecting us from negative energy. Since I started wearing it, I feel that I am indeed stronger against negative energy directed at me by others.

Also, minerals have the power to amplify energy, and the energy that the stone has can draw energy from the Universe.

There is a law of the Universe that says that energy of the same wavelength attracts each other. The stone itself is a mass of energy that attracts energy of that wavelength from the universe, and the stone itself has the consciousness of wanting to be useful and helpful to the person who holds it. By wearing a stone that suits you as a bracelet or accessory, you can develop your own energy in a sense.

Even minerals are given life with a role or mission in this way. They also have a soul and live as children of God.