Creation Principle of Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

The source of the universe is the combined energy of men and women

Why are we humans divided into men and women?

In a nutshell, it is to learn the different roles of yin and yang in each.

The root of the universe is originally a single energy body of male and female unity.

The root of the universe is the combination of both yin and yang energies.

They were divided into men and women to learn the difference between yin and yang

From this, God divided men and women in order for people to learn the difference between yin and yang.

After being divided, we learn about our own sexuality and the role of the other gender.

In order for men to learn the consciousness of yang and women to learn the consciousness of yin, the body is clearly divided, and the planet Earth is given as a training ground.

The Role of Yang and Yin Consciousness

Both the yang consciousness and the yin consciousness express love.

The yang consciousness is received by the masculine nature and creates the form of certain things. It is something that develops society outwardly, and it is also something that actively gives love. It is like the sun, for example. It transmits love outwardly, as if it were sending light.

In contrast, yin consciousness is received by the feminine sex, which is expressed in the word “receptivity”. It is the feminine nature that receives and accepts the light of love sent out by the masculine nature.

The feminine nature has the energy to transform the accepted love of the masculine nature into something new.

Thereby, the yin and yang energy begins to circulate. When the feminine nature accepts the love that the masculine nature gave off, the creative principle begins to work there.

All things in the universe are created by the energy cycle of yin and yang

For example, it’s easy to understand if you think about a child being conceived.

It can’t be done by men alone. It cannot be done by women alone either. There is an act of love between a man and a woman, and when a woman receives a man’s love, a new life is created.

It is the circulation of male and female energy that begins creation.

In the universe, it is exactly the same. All of the creation of everything is created by the spinning of the yin and yang energies.

The energy of yin and yang spins around in a spiral, and all things are created.

There is a picture of a nebula that draws a spiral, and this is exactly how the energy of yin and yang rotates to create everything.

The yin-yang energy cycle is just like that, and it is the creative principle of the universe.