The Heart Is Round And Shining Like The Sun


Our hearts are round and shining like the Sun. That is the natural state of the heart, and it originally shines with light. However, we often cloud that light as we live day by day, don’t we?

For example, when the heart is filled with negative, dark thoughts, they become like black clouds that cover the light of the heart. Just as a cloud in the sky blocks the light of the Sun, negative thoughts become like a cloud and cover the light of the heart.

When you hear the words “negative dark thoughts,” what do you imagine? It might be resenting others, complaining, grumbling, and anxiety. It might also be thoughts of blaming someone else or selfish thoughts.

The same may also be true for feelings of blaming oneself more than necessary. It is important to admit mistakes and reflect on them, but if we continue to dwell on them and torment ourselves, they are not positive thoughts at all, are they?

In other words, negative, dark thoughts are, in a word, thoughts that lack love.

Love is not the desire to be good only for oneself, but to share, to feel others as if they are one’s own, and to be close to them. Drawing a line between oneself and others and thinking that it is not one’s business is not love.

When our hearts are filled with thoughts that lack love, they become black clouds that block out the light of our hearts. However, once such dark thoughts are dispelled, everyone’s heart is bright and shining from the beginning and is full of light.

The light of the heart is an expression of love. Daily self-reflection-“Am I forgetting to love?”-is one way to blow away negative, dark thoughts.