The Truth about the Causes of Disease

Life's Troubles

What is a disease?

This time, I would like to talk about diseases.

In a sense, illness and disease may be familiar to everyone.

It is easy to forget when you are living a healthy life, but sometimes you don’t realize the value of good health until you get sick.

Every disease has a cause

There is always a cause for illness.

Not taking care of your health and accumulating inappropriate intake of food, alcohol, etc. can also be a cause.

However, there are times when the disease develops without any such cause in sight. There are times when karma from past lives manifests itself in the body and it becomes a disease.

You can get sick because of the reaping of karma

Our souls have eternal life, so of course they have lived life not only in the present, but also before that in other times and in other circumstances.

Each has carried karma from their past lives and it can manifest itself as a disease in their current bodies. In other words, we become sick because of the reaping of karma.

There is an area of the soul that has become greatly clouded in the accumulation from past lives. It manifests itself in the flesh and becomes a disease, and by suffering from it, a lot of karma is dissolved.

In that sense, we are thankful for the body. We might say that although we may suffer from a temporary illness, the body is given to us as a means of clearing the clouding of the soul.

As a cleansing of the soul

For example, suppose that you have committed a great sin in a past life.

And when you have caused so many people to suffer, as an apology to them, you have to experience the pain yourself and taste the hardship in order to move forward.

The feeling of being sorry for those people lingers in your heart as a child of God, and you want to make up for it. It is not something that other people can do. In other words, you have to take responsibility for what you’ve done.

Although it is a free will given to each of us by God, we have to take the consequences for ourselves.

As such, the meaning of disease is to reap the karma that has afflicted a person and to purify the soul.

Sickness due to Vibration Gap Suffering

One of the causes of illness is not to be overlooked: stress.

The body and the soul have their own unique vibes, but the “times” have their own vibes as well.

Today’s society is said to be a stressful one. The fact is that children, as well as adults, have a variety of stressors.

For example, if you are a child, it is natural for them to run around in nature and grow up alive. However, in modern times, we often live in an environment where it is difficult to feel God’s life-waves in man-made things that are far from nature.

When you live in such a stressful environment, a gap can arise between the vibration of the spirit body and the vibration of the times, and it can become a suffering and a disease.

Originally, there is no illness in the other world, and there is no illness in the soul.

A summary of the causes of the disease

In this article, I talked about the causes of the disease.

Broadly speaking, the causes of disease include lack of health, reaping of karma, and due to the vibration gap. Of course, there may also be other factors such as heredity.

In any case, there is always a cause for the disease. And there are some things you can’t know unless you think about them from a spiritual perspective.

If you don’t create a cause, you won’t get sick. Therefore, it is important not to be afraid of disease, but to know this fact and to live correctly so as not to create a cause.