Effort is never wasted – The fruit of the afterlife

Life's Troubles

Effort is never wasted

Effort is never wasted. It’s okay if you don’t get the results of your efforts. You don’t have to ask for results.

If you only look at the results, there are some things you can’t control. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut corners. It just means that there are things that come to fruition in response to your efforts.

It’s not on the outside; it’s the fruit inside you. Effort is like watering. If you stop watering it, it won’t sprout and it won’t produce fruit. And the fruit will not grow. It’s the daily watering that makes the seed germinate, produce leaves, and grow. If you water too much, the roots may even rot.

There is something that grows within you through moderate effort. Then one day it will bear fruit.

It may cross time and bear fruit in your next life. Even if you don’t bear fruit in this life, you can still bear fruit in the next life.

In that sense, your efforts will never be in vain.