Cause And Effect – The Law Of The Universe

How to Live a Happy Life

How do you feel when something unfortunate happens to you?

“What went wrong?”

“Why did I have to go through this?”

I suspect that many people feel this way.

And the dividing line for many people is whether to attribute the cause to themselves or to others.

Usually when something bad happens, we don’t want to think it is our fault, nor do we want to admit it to ourselves.

Most of the time, we tend to blame it on others and complain about it, or we tend to justify ourselves by saying that it is not our fault.

However, people who live with the truth of God never blame others for any misfortune that happens to them. This is because they know that they are always the cause of their own misfortune, even if they themselves have forgotten about it.

The chain of causes and effects is a law that runs through the Universe, and there are no exceptions.

When something unfortunate happens, there is a cause for it, and the only one who receives the result is the person who caused it. It is like saying, “You reap what you sow.”

If you can look back at the cause of your misfortune with a clear head, realize that your thoughts, words, and actions were the cause, and sincerely reflect on them and change them, you will not experience the same kind of unhappy outcome due to the same kind of cause in the future.

However, the cause may be unknown to us at the present time. This is because we usually remember only this life, but we have lived countless lives in past lives, and there are causes that we have caused in each of those lives.

The causes we have created in our past lives have become seeds, and whether they bear good fruit or bad fruit in this life, if they are the seeds we have sown, we are the only one who will reap the fruits of them this time.

In the long, long reincarnation, nothing is canceled out just because we die in that life. The soul is given everlasting life, for we are a living being that never dies.

Once you realize this, there is no other way to live except to sow good seeds.

No matter what misfortune befalls us, we will be able to accept it all as our own seed, without blaming others. You will be able to live your life with a positive attitude, thinking that you have learned a great lesson this time.

This is the most important thing and the true way to live in accordance with divine truth.